3M Aqua-Pure Review


This is one of the more expensive under-sink systems, but it has its reason for that. Built from high adsorption carbon media and with the extra capacity of 6000 gallons, this product is one of the top-picks amongst under sink water filtration solutions. It’s also important to mention that the installation is not really challenging.

The 3M brand has been manufacturing water filtration products for over 50 years. Most of their products, including this one are listed in the NSF. It is a brand that you can trust regarding your water quality concerns. On the downside, this means that you will need proprietary spare parts and not universal ones.



3M Aqua-Pure Under Sink Water Filtration SystemThe system will reduce the levels of particulate, chlorine taste, and odor, parasitic protozoan cysts in water, lead and select VOCs. The latter may be in the form of benzene, p-Dichlorobenzene, and toxaphene. It has an advanced triple-stage carbon-block filtration process. A folded sub-micron membrane helps the carbon block capture larger particulate. The 3MFF100 reduces sediment too.

The good news about the NSF certification here is that it is probably the only filter on the market, certified to reduce lead and chemicals under 200$. And a plus is that it will not reduce the metals that are somehow beneficial for the body such as calcium.

Another addition to this product is that your water flow will not slow down. At least not significantly. The manufacturer advertises the product as a fast flow one and it is indeed such. The tested flow rate is 2.5 GPM. The pressure range is 30-125 PSI.

The capacity of the filter is 6000 gallons. That should be enough for 12 months. To maximize this capacity and the life of the system you should maintain it properly. And that includes the replacement of the filter and cartridges at the required intervals. If a water flow rate reduction occurs, you should inspect your filters. No leaks are expected. And the system is good both for treated municipal and well water.


The 3M Under Sink Full Flow Water Filter System 3MFF100 will be delivered with everything needed for a standard installation. The kit includes an attached mounting bracket, mounting screws, and tubing. It has a built-in shut-off valve which helps for a sanitary and easy change of filters without switching off the water supply.

Installation and maintenance

This product requires minimal under sink space. The housing height is 16″. This will simplify the installation. If you have some experience you should manage in under 1 hour.

The system is mounted directly to your cold water supply so you don’t need to drill any holes for additional faucets. It comes with a 3/8″ NTP connection fitting. So a minor drawback here could be that you will need adapters. Just make sure to check the under sink pipes to avoid issues in advance.

The maintenance of this device is super easy. It has an SQC – a Sanitary Quick Change cartridge design requiring minimal effort on your side.

• Certified by NSF standards, but with low price
• High capacity
• Fast flow rate
• Easy to install and maintain

• You might need additional parts

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