APEC WFS-1000 Review


APEK is a well-known manufacturer of water filtration systems and the WFS-1000 under sink filtration system is one of their most popular products. It has a decent price and broad possibilities, it’s easy to install and maintain and has high capacity. Filtration is pretty long-lasting.


The system is designed, engineered and assembled in the USA. It has a one-year satisfaction guarantee and lifetime support by a certified WQA water specialist based in CA. What is great for the WFS-1000 is that it’s a 3-stage filtration system and can cover higher expectations regarding water filtration.


APEC WFS-1000 Super Capacity Premium Quality 3 Stage UnderAs a 3-stage system, the WFS-1000 will provide a constant on-demand supply of quality filtered water directly to your sink.

The set includes a 10″ polypropylene sediment filter and 2×10″ extruded carbon block filters. At the first stage of filtration, the dust, rust and other major particles are removed from your water. Further, your water will be gotten rid of chlorine, tastes, odor, cloudiness, color, VOCs and other chemicals. At the last stage, you get the filter with the smallest micron rating.

The alkalinity and the mineral composition of the water will not be harmed. Which is for sure important for your health as alkalinity helps control the PH levels in your body.

Note that even though it can be used both with tap and well water, the system will not remove heavy metals such as lead and fluoride. The WFS-1000 is designed mainly to remove chemical compounds and sediment. So if you want those removed, you might also want to consider other high-quality under sink water filtration products.

The filters themselves last for 12 months which means fewer changes and maintenance for you. Another characteristic that makes this product popular is that the water flow will not change noticeably. Even though the water goes through 3 filters. The feed water pressure required is 20 – 85 PSI. Another good thing is that the under-sink systems don’t produce wastewater.


The system comes to you fully assembled for installation. Except for the three premium filters which are made of high caliber components, you get 5 feet of food-grade tubing and a versatile ½ to 3/8-inch feed water adapters. The tubing has an FDA Certified JG Food grade.

The set also includes 100% lead-free chrome faucet. Another important thing to know is that this product comes with pre-drilled holes so you can easily install it on the wall.

Installation and maintenance

The instructions you’ll get are straightforward and you should not have difficulties with them. If you haven’t done that before, make sure to read them carefully before you get the job done. You will receive all that is needed but on some occasions, you might need additional fittings. Check the set description and your plumbing.

Also, be sure to check the measurements. The device should fit under the standard kitchen sink, but you want to know for sure if that’s the case. Regarding the maintenance, filters’ change is not hard… There are 6 different filters you can use for the 3rd stage, depending on your filtration preferences.


  • US-made, certified product
  • Good flow rate, quality parts
  • 3-stage filtration for superior water taste
  • Great tech support
  • Easy to install


  • The faucet has only one stainless finish. You might need another type.


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