Culligan HD-950A Review

You got two main options when purchasing this water filter system but one is simply better than the other. The Culligan HD-950A Whole House Filter can be either heavy duty or standard duty. While the price difference is not little, the price of any of the two filters is not huge. Might as well opt for the heavy duty one in this case.

What You Get

The main purpose of the product is to reduce sediment although you will be amazed by how many more contaminants it will be able to filter out. This makes the filter perfect for any residential use. Of course, it will deal with a wide array of factors in your water including rust, sand and many others.

The Heavy-duty version has also passed a number of inspections and holds certificates against a number of standards. For instance, the WQA has certified the HD-950A housing of the product but that’s not all. The Culligan HD-950A Whole House Filter also passes the bar of NSF/ANSI standard for material safety. The plastic is also BPA free.

When You Get To The Installation Part

So first of all, you will be happy to find out that the filter comes with its own housing that we mentioned above. There’s also a housing wrench that works with the very exact model. All of this will significantly ease the task of installing the unit.

Bear in mind that the inlets are 1’’ ones. This is both a curse and a blessing. Most typical pipes stand at ¾ meaning that you might need to purchase some connections separately. On the other hand. 1’’ inlets will guarantee a stronger water flow and this is something people always want.

How to Run It

Culligan HD-950A Whole House Water FilterThe water that passes through the cartridge matters in more than one way. The first thing that comes to mind is the temperature of the water. It is best if it is between 40 and 100 degrees. You don’t want too cold of a temperature because the filter won’t be able to do its job. Additionally, you run the risk of having your pipes freeze and eventually burst. Hot water will damage the cartridge – never install the whole house filter after a heater.

Now that you know that you want the device mounted at an entry point of your piping you also need to know about the water pressure. It might disappoint you a little but the manufacturer states that the PSI of the water running through the filter can be up to 125. Tests have shown that even at 65 psi, the system might leak.

If you are happy with the performance and the PSI, then great. Otherwise, make sure you reduce it significantly. On the upside, there is a built-in pressure relief valve. It is also useful when looking to change the cartridge. Never rinse off the filter – just replace it once you educate yourself on how to replace a whole-house water filter sediment cartridge properly.

Similar to other Culligan Filters, this product can also use a number of cartridges from the same brand. This will let you get a filter especially for sediment, one for pesticides or other specific contaminants and so on.


  • Compatible with all Culligan cartridges – useful when you want to filter something specific from your water
  • Fully certified – the product is WQA certified and has a number of other licenses as well
  • The built-in pressure relief valve
  • 2 options – heavy duty and standard


  • Can’t handle a lot of water pressure – if you go over 70 psi, you will likely sea leakages.
  • The standard package isn’t worth it

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