DuPont WFPF13003B Review

This is yet another product of great value that we are presenting to you. You can’t miss this versatile set because it gives you huge convenience. First of all, for not a lot of money, you can get a singular full house filtration system which can get expanded whenever you wish.

How Does That Work?

Each filter here can survive for about 15 000 gallons of water. This is plenty of water for quite some time. At the end of the day, you do not want to constantly have to tend to your whole house filtration system only to change cartridges.

Speaking of cartridges, the product comes with a 500 series Poly Block Cartridge which is the default filter. What you can do is, of course, opt for other filters the next time you have to make a change. But here’s the kicker – you can maximize the performance of the DuPont WFPF13003B by running a few units in a row with different filters.

Water Filter Chains

DuPont WFPF13003B Universal Whole House FilterThe seals and outlets of the units are all compatible with each other and with your typical piping system. The magical number is ¾ for both inlets and outlets. This means that you can have a number of cartridges connected in a chain with each one filtering your water after the previous one.

A smart idea here would be to go with a sediment filter first and then use a carbon one. This sort of construction will allow you to get 2 filters, save some money and still pack an effective punch. Both the taste and the clarity of the water will be significantly improved.

What To Watch For When Mounting

So the water filter comes with a 3-year warranty which is a great security blanket. You do not want to cause any damage to your unit though and this is why you need to be careful when fastening the threads. Unfortunately, here they aren’t made out of metal. They are plastic instead.

These connection threads might still leak even when you are happy with their tightness. This typically leads people to keep tightening them. The threads might eventually snap and that’s’ definitely bad. Try using special silicone lubricant or rubber O-rings. These aren’t provided in the set when you buy the system.

Can I Put It Anywhere On Any Pipe?

Essentially you can install DuPont WFPF13003B anywhere. But the manufacturer of this filtration unit doesn’t advise to have it installed after a heater. After all, that’s a whole house water filter and you want it at the inlets where the pipes enter your house. You don’t want to isolate the system by tying with just one sink or a shower.

Furthermore, this unit works best with cold water. You don’t want hot water running through the filter as it might damage it or render it useless.

The unit will remove chlorine but it will not be able to deal with fluoride. The plastic is, of course, 100% BPA free. The mounting bracket is included and all you need to do is read the instructions.


  • Good value for your money – even if you opt for the 5-pack set, you will still get a good price.
  • Chain reaction – you can connect as many of those as you wish. You can install various filters and have your water go through a number of cartridges in order to achieve maximum purity.
  • Installation, inlet, and outlet sizes are standard – you got no underwater rocks when it comes to installation
  • Long life – 15 000 gallons per unit is a good number even for a whole house system


  • It isn’t built tough – you don’t want to be too rough with the unit as it might snap. No metal parts.
  • Doesn’t remove fluoride
  • Doesn’t soften the water – it is a bare-boned filter.


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