Express Water 3 Stage Review

This is easily one of the highest quality whole house water filters you will see all day. This is an advanced system made especially for very tough conditions and the price shows it. If you are looking to spend good money on something exceptionally effective, then this is among your top choices for sure.

Here’s The System Itself

This is not anything new but it is taken to a whole new level with the Express Water Whole House Filter System. We are talking about a 3-stage filtration. The difference is that here you cannot buy just one cartridge without the others. The set includes 3 main pieces and it would be pointless not to use them together anyway.

Another component that you will unlikely see in any other typical water filter is a water pressure dial. It is best if you familiarize yourself with the water pressure gauge’s components and the information that it shows you. Each of the 3 cartridges has one sitting on top. The gauge will give you real-time water pressure information and it will also assist in monitoring the life of your filter.

It needs to be noted here, however, that the maximum values on the dial are not realistic to reach. It will show 150 PSI max but the manual on the cartridges will tell you that you shouldn’t run water stronger than 80 PSI through there.

The Filtration Stages

Express Water Whole House Filter SystemSo the 1st filter as expected is all about getting rid of that sediment. This cartridge will take care of all the solids in your water and will significantly ease the work of the remaining 2 cartridges. It filters down to 5 micron which is pretty neat. The construction is 100% pure polypropylene.

The 2nd stage is the KDF filter. What it will do is remove the taste and the smell of chlorine. After all the sediment has been removed by the previous cartridge, this one will now change the physical look of your water. IT will be great for cooking and drinking. The cartridge contains catalytic carbon. It stops algae and fungi from growing.

This Functionality Just Never Ends

This second stage’s filter is also fully tested and verified against NSF/ANSI 58 standards. Not that the whole system isn’t, it’s just that here this is crucial. This is also one of the key reasons why the price of this whole house water filtration system is above average.

The last stage is called the CTO. This 3rd cartridge will assist in the removal of chlorine. It will do more, though. Its job is to also remove chemical contaminants such as pesticides and herbicides. That’s achieved thanks to the presence of a coconut shell in there. It really assists with such a fine filtration.

Some Extra Info About The Unit

There are barely any drawbacks to this system as it is easy to install and won’t leak at all. The life of each filter is about 15 000 gallons which are pretty usual. You don’t really have a clear indicator of when to change the filter but when your water pressure drops under the normal rate, go ahead and swap it.

The fittings are 1’’ each. You will need Teflon tape when making the connections in order to prevent leaking. Such a tape is sold separately. Once you are done installing/changing the filter, you will need to flush for at least 10 gallons before actually using the water.


  • Top-quality product
  • Thorough 3-stage filtering – you won’t have sediment, chlorine, and pesticides in your water
  • Water pressure dial – stay informed about the PSI at all times


  • Pricey – this type of a system doesn’t come cheaply
  • No filter change indicator
  • Teflon tape needs to be purchased before installation.


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