Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Review


Innovative design, seven stages of filtration and enhancement, patented Full Contact technology, long-lasting and easy change filters, faster flow rate – that’s what Home Master had prepared for you at a bit higher price. If you are a super health-conscious individual, this product will exceed your expectations and provide you with exceptionally pure water, with no compromise over the quality of performance.


If you don’t know the manufacturer – this is an independent company from Arizona so the system is assembled in the USA. The company uses its own quality control to guarantee the safety and quality of both the product and the water it produces. Plus, they have superb tech support, one of the best in the business and give you a 5-year warranty for the parts.


Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter SystemWith its seven stages of filtration, this product will meet your high requirements. It removes 98% of chemicals, including chloramine, and other contaminants. What is different from the other RO systems that you can buy on the market today is that all Home Master RO systems use power catalytic carbon filtration media. It is located in the carbon pre-filters to treat the very tenacious chemical disinfectant called chloramine.

That means that storage tank degradation will not occur and the slightly acidic taste of the water will be gone. The Full Contact remineralization system, on the other hand, balances the water’s pH level at two different points of the purification process. First – on the way to the storage tank, and then – on the way to the faucet. At both stages, small amounts of calcium and magnesium minerals are added.

And when it comes to wasting any water – the full contact system will expend about 3-4 gallons of water for every gallon of R.O. water – 6-gallon average for the class. But if you are willing to invest a little bit more, than you can get a permeate pump, which will solve some issues with low flow rates.

Water waste will be reduced by up to 80% and water production will be raised by up to 50%, depending on your water pressure, temperature, and contaminant load. The permeate pump can reduce the waste to up to 1-1.5 gallons.


The device will come to your door fully assembled and ready to install. It includes the RO membrane and filters and a storage tank. Be sure to check out the dimensions and prepare the place for it. Another upside of this product is a 3/8 inch feed-water adapter – the larger size helps the water to flow easily.

And it has a shut-off valve. A chrome RO faucet is included in the set. Some people might prefer a nickel one, but this is not a major expense after all. You get also a drain saddle and very detailed instructions.

Installation and maintenance

The installation simply cannot be easier. The system’s tubing is color-coded, along with the manual that is included in the box, you are provided also with customer support and installation videos.

What is great about this product is a reliable and easy-to-use design.

The filters used by Home Master have a modular ‘all-in-one’ design where the filter is incorporated into the filter housing and the entire filter is disposable. The push-in fittings require no wrenches. And the change is annual or every 2000 gallons. In addition, you can maximize the performance of your device thanks to proper RO system maintenance.


  • High-quality product with a 5-year warranty of the parts
  • Super easy to install and maintain
  • Reduced water rate, faster water flow
  • Easy to change filters and modular “all-in-one” design
  • 7-stages RO, no acidic taste


  • A bit louder than usual
  • Larger size – needs more space
  • Connections are not so solid

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