iSpring WGB22B 2-Stage Detailed Product Review

We will outline a whole house filtration system here which is not only convenient but also features a top-notch filter itself. Even though there is nothing special about it when it comes to installation and dimensions, the cartridge is what truly makes the difference.

What Does The Product Do?

It is important to note, before we move on, that TDS are not going to be removed. It has been proven that those solids are not necessarily bad. In all fairness, the presence of TDS is not a sure sign of bad quality of water and many good whole house water filters will not remove them.

The 2 stages at which the filters of the iSpring WGB22B work allow it thoroughly purify the water you will be consuming. You will enjoy water without any sediment as 95% of it will be removed. The same goes for all sorts of pesticides and similar contaminants. Herbicides and rust will also be absolutely taken out of your water.

Cooking and washing are safer when you water doesn’t have chlorine. Additionally, the levels of iron will also be lowered significantly. All of this happens because of the 2 layers that the system has.

Under The Hood Of The Filter

iSpring WGB22B 2-Stage Whole House Water Filtration SystemThe filtration happens down to 5 micron which is definitely a huge factor. It is assisted by the 2 layers of the filter. They are also called 2 stages. So the 1st stage of the filter is the sediment filter. It will ensure less clogs. It also helps the water pressure and that’s crucial.

Most filters cause a decrease in water pressure over time. Thanks to the sediment filter here, you will not notice that at all. The next stage consists of carbon blocks. This is where the magic happens. The best part is that you can opt for other filters the next time you want to make a purchase.

Installation Isn’t The Hardest But It’s Not So Fun Either

Once you get to install the unit, it might not be the most fun thing you will ever do. In fact, it might be smart to contact a licensed plumber and have them deal with that. It is not only because of the time you will save but also the hassle.

It turns out that the nipples are not very strong and this might lead to some leaks. Such a problem isn’t only cosmetic but can also lead to a number of complications. This further enhances the argument that you should get a specialist to mount your whole house water filter for you.

Taking Good Care Of Your Water

Rest assured that this filtration system has all the required certifications and permissions. In order for the iSpring WGB32B Filter to meet all the standards, it has cleated the all-important NSF/ANSI certifications.

However, the filter doesn’t have a water softener. If you have hard water, you will need to buy the softener separately. It also needs to be noted that the device is only for cold water use. You should never put it after a heater as hot water might even damage the cartridge.


  • Water pressure won’t be reduced – this is a rare occurrence but you have it here so take advantage of it.
  • Removes a ton of things – you will have crystal clear water, no chlorine, and iron is greatly reduced
  • All certifications are cleared


  • Danger of leakage – the nipples are not very strong, have someone else fasten them
  • No water softener is included
  • Installation is trickier than it looks like – get help.


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