We live in times when we consider ourselves an advanced civilization. Our tap water is said to be clean and absolutely ready for drinking but it is no secret that it is far from perfect. In fact, it is proven that your municipal water can be quite dangerous to your health and the development of your children.

Our crew here at Water Filtration Solutions understands all the benefits of drinking filtered water and this is why we have devoted a lot of time to put together informative pieces regarding the various water filtration systems. The first and most important point is to understand why we need water filtration in the first place.

The Need For Water Filters Has Never Been Greater

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You will be surprised what is contained in our public water but the good news is that it all can be removed with the proper equipment.


While minerals are generally a useful thing, excessive mineralization can be quite unpleasant and sometimes plain dangerous. The metallic taste that you can sometimes feel comes from the large quantities of iron and magnesium.

The main problem here is that these substances build up in our piping and plumbing systems. Eventually, they lead to clogged tubes and contaminated water. What’s more, you will notice traces of your washed dishes as well.


No matter how much filtration our water receives in facilities some sediment still remains in there. Yes, this is a very basic contaminant typical of good water. Dirt, debris, silt and clay particles are not good for your body.

These contaminants can lead to a number of health issues and even some organ failure. The upside is that sediment typically has relatively large particles. Filters with a larger micron rating will still be able to filter it out.


ChlorineThis is the most well-distributed water contaminant among them all. This is because chlorine is intentionally added to municipal water. It has disinfectant purposes and eliminates a plethora of viruses and other disease-causing substances.

The downside is that chlorine has a by-product called chloramine which is created when chlorine interacts with water. The distinct taste and white color are there mainly because of chloramine. Specialists call it “chlorine’s ugly sister” and there’s a good reason for that.

Most top-notch water filter manufacturers have made it their priority to create a product that eliminates chloramine. This is why almost every water filter out there will be able to rid you of chloramine. If you use well water, though, you will not need a filter with such properties.


Viruses and bacteria are some of the sneakier contaminants in water. They can survive in tough conditions, they easily build up in the pipes and faucets and are difficult to filter. We cannot list all the possible viruses contained in water but most of them will cause you nausea, diarrhea and other symptoms.

These diseases can be quite dangerous especially for young children. Pathogens are easily digested and their negative effect strikes lightning fast. The worst part is that their molecules are so small that you need filters of very little micron rating.

In fact, our advice is to seek micro, nano, or ultra water filters in order to successfully get rid of viruses and bacteria.


In this case, we are talking about chemical substances that cause illnesses and diseases. Unlike viruses, these are not natural but have been added to the water consequently. Pesticides typically come from power plants and industrial areas.

They dissolve easily in water and are hardly detectable. Most of them are poisonous in large amounts but the regular intake of little doses is also dangerous. The good news is that pesticides are cleansed by a relatively popular and cheap filter. This is the activated carbon filter which can be found in basically any system.

Heavy Metals

Lead is the most significant heavy metal worth mentioning. This is a natural contaminant and can be found especially in well water. However, it is known for old pipes and plumbing to also add lead to drinking water.

Your best bet here is to get one of the best reverse osmosis systems available because of the thorough filtration which it will provide you with. Before you step forward to purchase anything, though, we recommend that you have your water tested.

What Can We Do About All those Contaminants?

The short answer here is to simply get a water filter. The real problem comes when we have to choose the right one. This is, in fact, the main purpose of the work that our team has done. What you will find here at WATER BUSINESS is a neatly constructed database informing you all about the various water filtration options.

We have taken the time to explore and research more than 100 different water filters among all known kinds. As expected, we have come to the realization that there is no perfect choice and that it all boils down to personal preference.

Well, that and there’s also the needs of every individual. We at WATER BUSINESS strongly believe that functionality should be the main reason to buy a certain product. This is why here you will find a series of buying guides containing tips and detailed information on how to pick the right water filtration system for your needs.

The Big Boys

This is a slang that we like to use for the more sizeable water filters out there. These are typically more expensive but will also provide you with a more thorough filtration.

Whole house water filters

In that category, we definitely have to highlight the whole house water filters.

Getting one of these sets will ensure clean water for your whole household. You will be able to use cleansed water for drinking, washing, and cleaning. The best part is that you will have access to filtered water through every faucet in your home.

Often, the whole house systems perform their filtration in stages. This means that your water goes through a number of cartridges with different properties. Some will remove sediment while others will focus on viruses and so on.

If you are ready to pay a larger price, you can even string 4-5 cartridges. Bear in mind that it is not only the initial investment you have to take care of. Maintenance will also end up costing you a lot in case you want to get a sizeable quality water filtration set. Another thing to consider is the space needed for the system. Whole house water filters are among the largest products and are often installed by a professional plumber.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Another “big boy” system is the reverse osmosis one. It can function on its own or it can be attached to an already installed water filter. This might be the priciest water purifying system on the market because it is also arguably the most effective one.

A reverse osmosis filter presents us with by far the most thorough method of water filtration. The RO membrane will let nothing but the water molecules pass through it. An enormous upside is a fact that you will not have to worry about various types of filters.

An RO system can be attached to any existing whole house filter and simply enhance it. A drawback here is the flow rate. Since the filtration is so extreme, this means that even water passes through the membrane slowly. This renders reverse osmosis systems unusable for showering and cleaning where larger amounts of water are required.

Another system that can be used as a whole house supplier of clean water is the water softener. It is a bulky mechanism and the whole contraption features 1 or 2 metal tanks along with a salt tank. This is the device you will need the most space for.

Magnesium and calcium are the main components of hard water and they will be gotten rid of. Such a system will prevent buildup from occurring. All in all, your plumbing will also be in a better condition thanks to the resin in the iron tank.

While all the heavy metals and minerals will be removed from your water and it will be rendered softer, there are some limitations. For instance, the softened water needs to be processed and then stored in a tank before you can use it. This gives you a certain capacity of cleansed water and after you use it all up, you will need to wait for the filter to produce more of the same.

Point-Of-Use Filtration Systems

Point-Of-Use Filtration Systems

Our guides also comprise smaller water filtration devices and such are the point-of-use filters. They will present you with a cheaper opportunity to filter water and are pretty convenient to use. You have to keep in mind that they will supply just one faucet with fresh water.

If you decide to go for a top-notch under sink water filtration system, then you better do not hold back. The cheaper products here are not going to be as effective but the quality ones are truly worth it. They are basically the little brother of whole-house systems.

The only difference is that in this case, you can supply just one faucet with fresh water. Installation takes place in your under-sink cupboard which deprives you of some space.

The name pretty much says it all. You only have to know that there is a wide variety of shower head filters out there and it is up to you to choose the one that suits you best. In our extensive guide on the subject, you will find a lot of tips as well as descriptions of the various types of shower filters.

Most filtration devices will not be able to give you cold water. The finest fridges out there typically come with a reliable refrigerator filter and selecting the right one is the only challenge. What these machines give you is crystal clear ice cubes and cold water ready for drinking.

In many instances, they beat all water filter pitchers because they essentially do the same thing but without the waiting time and the capacity limitations. Make sure you do not overlook these neat little devices.

A great way of reducing your monthly spendings is faucet water filters. A faucet water filter will do a great favor to your budget by freeing it from costly bottled water. While saving money, you will also be acting responsibly to nature as you will not consume as many plastics. Have a look at our reviews for instant fresh and healthy drinking water!

Water ionization sounds very complicated, doesn’t it? However, this process is carried out in nature all the time as the water gets alkaline minerals from rocks and such surfaces when in contact. Your tap water, though, needs to be ionized artificially by a water ionizer. Drinking alkaline water has countless benefits for everyone from helping with acne to joint pains. Read our detailed reviews and buying guide to find out more!

Mobile Water Filters

This category highlights the filters which do need to be installed permanently anywhere. In fact, their main advantage is the fact that you can carry them around and use them when needed. This will significantly prolong the life of the filter as it won’t be constantly in use.

While not exactly water filtration, distillation is a form of water purification. It is achieved by using a device called a water distiller. It resembles a kettle and can be plugged anywhere. What’s not so cool about is the huge waiting time – around 4-5 hours for just a gallon of water. However, if you can spare the time, water distillers come with many advantages.

Once you attach the device to your faucet, you are good to go. The installation of countertop filters is a breeze and gives you a nice supply of cleansed water. As long as you have enough space on your counter and don’t intend to use the filter heavily then you will be just fine.

Portable Water Filters

The variety here is truly impressive. There are 5 main types of portable water filters and they all have some specific advantages. Such accessories are a must if you are a hiker or simply want to spend a lot of time outdoors.

Most portable water filters provide you with clean water immediately. There’s no tank where you store purified water and there’s no waiting time. As your water passes through the filter, it becomes clear immediately.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. We hope that our guides will indeed aid you in obtaining just the right product for your needs.

These are a sine qua non for every medical emergency kit. Especially if you are into camping or hiking, always consider taking some water purification tablets with you on your adventure. Being incredibly easy to use, these tablets will supply you with safe-to-drink water anywhere and everywhere by disinfecting it instantly.

You want to make sure that your drinking water is free of contamination and safe but you do not want to invest for a whole house water filter or go into the trouble of getting a water dispenser? Well, then what you need might be exactly a water filter pitcher. Eco-friendly by contributing to less plastic use, practical, safe and budget-friendly; water filter pitchers are heaven-sent!

Water filtration does not get any more mobile than filtered water bottles. Imagine filling up your water bottle from any tap and getting completely safe drinking water within minutes! Goodbye spending money on countless numbers of plastic bottled water! You will have access to safe fresh water anywhere. Doesn’t it already encourage you to drink more water and stay hydrated?


Water Test Kits

Water is life and the quality of the water that you consume affects the quality of your life to a great extent. Clean water is mandatory for a healthy life, after all. Thanks to water test kits, you can find out the quality of your tap water in no time at all! With a good water test kit, you will get quick and accurate results. Testing the water you use should be the first step when you start considering water filtration methods as it will give you an idea about the severity of the situation and which water filtration methods you should consider.

What is better than having instant freshwater? Having a cool glass of instant drinking water, of course! One great thing about water coolers is that there are water filtering models and water heating models available as well as only water cooling models. This makes water coolers highly versatile and enticing for those who are looking for an all in one device.

Even though most of us dream of a glass of cold and fresh drinking water when we are thirsty, we need hot water more often than you would think. Having easy access to hot water whenever you need is a great luxury. do you know what is better? Having hot water at the exact temperature that you need. There are great hot water dispensers on the market that offer you temperature control and immediate results. Use instant hot water for cooking, cleaning your baby’s bottles or for washing your greasy dishes and meanwhile reduce your energy bills!