Best Shower Head Filters For Hard Water (Top 10 Reviewed)

It is a widespread misconception that our body absorbs the most water when drinking. But would you be surprised to have found out that this isn’t the case? When we shower the amount we take in is equal to drinking 1 full gallon of water. Would you expose your body to this much-unfiltered water?

If the answer to the last question is “no” then you could really benefit from using the best shower head filter for hard water you can get. We have described everything you need to know prior to making your purchase. Every section below is dedicated to bringing you sufficient info regarding this type of water filtration.

Start with our shower head filters reviews and move down to the other useful segments of the piece. Our team has conducted some thorough research and has synthesized the information to make it easier to comprehend. Read away!

AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter

AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter

  • Dimensions : 3.7 x 3.7 x 5.4″
  • Weight : 14.9 ounces
  • Stage : 3
  • Filter Life : 6 to 8 months
  • Special Features : No tools needed / Can be used with all shower types
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AquaBliss High Output 12-Stage Shower Filter

AquaBliss High Output 12-Stage Shower Filter

  • Dimensions : 7.7 x 3.8 x 3.7″
  • Weight : 1.5 pounds
  • Stage : 12
  • Filter Life : 6 months
  • Special Features : Fits all types of showers / No tool
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Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head

Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head

  • Dimensions : 4.8 x 8.5 x 12.2″
  • Weight : 1.5 pounds
  • Stage : 5
  • Filter Life : 6 months
  • Special Features : Stationary design / Anti clog rubber spray nozzles
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PureAction Shower Head Filter

PureAction Shower Head Filter

  • Dimensions : 5 x 5 x 2.5″
  • Weight : 10.6 ounces
  • Stage : 3
  • Filter Life : 8 to 10 months
  • Special Features : Includes 2 Filters Cartridges + 1 Teflon Tape
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HotelSpa 7-Setting Handheld Shower

HotelSpa 7-Setting Handheld Shower

  • Dimensions : 6 x 4 x 9″
  • Weight : 1.5 pounds
  • Stage : 2
  • Filter Life : 6 to 9 months
  • Special Features : 7 settings and patented On/Off pause switch
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Torti Lia Multi-Stage Shower Filter For Hard Water

Torti Lia Multi-Stage Shower Filter For Hard Water

  • Dimensions : 3.3 x 3.3 x 4.7″
  • Weight : 1.37 pounds
  • Stage : 10
  • Filter Life : 6 months
  • Special Features : No tools needed / CONSISTENT WATER PRESSURE
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The Best Shower Head Filters 2019

Without any further ado, let’s just step forward to our top picks. Bear in mind that they are not presented in any particular order.

1. AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter

AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower FilterThis shower filter by AquaBills is a true bestseller amongst its class. And there are two main reasons for this. First, the price is good and budget saving. And second – the device is very efficient. A mix of three filtrations is used to clean both your hot and cold water. A KDF-55 works well for purifying high-temperature water. An activated carbon filter removes chlorine and other impurities, including heavy metals in low temperature. The calcium sulfate filter helps both with cold and hot water. The cartridge of the device is replaceable. The life of the filter is 10,000 – 12,000 gallons or 6 to 8 months. This system comes with standard 1/2″ connections and is very easy to install – several minutes and no tools needed. It can be used with all shower types, including fixed, rain and handheld showers. No problems with the water pressure should be expected. Something important to notice – regardless of the good design, the housing is plastic and not metal.

2. AquaBliss High Output 12-Stage Shower Filter

Another bestseller amongst shower water filters from AquaBliss. If you are super demanding about the possibilities of your shower filter, this one will satisfy your requirements. The SF100 variant is a 12-stage filtration system that will significantly improve the condition of your hair, skin, and nails. And it is a budget-saving choice in the long run. The lifetime of the filter is approximately 6 months. The main difference from the other product of the same manufacturer is the advanced filtration system. The bonus benefit here is the ceramic balls that help restore healthy skin, reducing itchy skin, dandruff, and eczema. Far infrared balls, zeolite, vitamin C and magnetic energy balls are included. They help nourish your hair and skin. The first and second stage capture large and medium sediments. And the main stages remove chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, THM’s and impurities. The device is very easy to install. It comes with two filters and it fits all types of showers. Including fixed, rain and handheld.

3. Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head

Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower HeadThis one is a very good suggestion from a known manufacturer at a reasonable price. The Culligan’s WSH-C125 is a showerhead type filter that is mounted to the wall. The head is of a good quality, with anti-clog rubber spray nozzles. It is EPA Water Sense certified and has 5 spray settings for a better comfort. The performance of the filter is satisfying. It removes up to 99% of the heavy chlorine. Also, it helps with the removal of the impurities that result in dry itchy skin and scalp. The filter will also reduce the sulfur odor of your water. The product is safe and long-lasting – it is certified by the NFC and has a lifespan of about 6 months. It also comes with a manufacturer limited 5-year warranty. A good thing to know is that you might need to remove the water flow restrictor if the pressure of your water is insufficient. Another thing is that the head itself is a bit heavy. But overall with this product, you will have softer skin and a healthy scalp.

4. PureAction Shower Head Filter

PureAction Shower Head FilterThe shower filter of the manufacturer PureAction is a full metal shower head that connects to any standard shower arm very easily. It fits all shower types including wall-mounted, rainfall and fixed showers. In addition, it has an internal filter cartridge with Vitamin C. This filter will remove a wide range of contaminants that result in dry skin and unhealthy hair. It removes chlorine, fluoride, chloramine, heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, ammonia smell, sulfur and other sediments. It can be used with well water as well as municipal one. A cartridge of this filter will last about 8 to 10 months or 10, 000 gallons. The filter is replaceable and you are supplied with an extra one. So when buying this product you get an extra 8 to 10 months. It also has a 1-year warranty. The shower head is fairly easy to install. It has the standard 1/2″ connections and comes with a Teflon tape.

5. HotelSpa 7-Setting Handheld Shower

HotelSpa 7-Setting Handheld ShowerThe main feature of this product is the luxury handheld shower head that has seven settings and patented On/Off pause switch on the handle. So if you are about to change your shower head, you might want to consider this product. Along with the head, you will get a two-stage shower filter that will supply you with a softer and healthier water, free of chlorine and its vapors. The system uses a KDF media for the filtration and will also remove the damaging chemicals, heavy metals, minerals, and impurities from your water. In the end, you will have more tender skin and lively hair at a very fair price. Also, the cartridge is disposable. What’s more, the product comes with an angle-adjustable overhead bracket and a premium 60-inch flexible stainless steel hose. Basically, if you need a new shower this product is a good choice as it also has the advantage of a shower filter.

6. Torti Lia Multi-Stage Shower Filter For Hard Water

Torti Lia Multi-Stage Shower Filter For Hard WaterThe Torti Lia shower water filter uses a multi-stage filtration to supply you with water that will leave your skin gentle and healthy. Actually, this product is a quite reasonable choice considering its price. There is a total of 10 filtration stages. Amongst them, a 2-stage fine steel filtration, KDF-55 filter, alkaline, antibacterial and energy ceramic balls, activated carbon filter and calcium sulfite filters. All this gives you the confidence that a huge amount of harmful contaminants will be removed from your water. The multiple filtrations clean the water from dust and bigger particles, heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, chlorine, lead, rust, and sediment. The alkaline ceramic balls not only soften the water but help with the bad smell. The cartridge of the filter is replaceable and two cartridges are included in the box. No tools are needed for the installation. The connections are of the standard 1/2″ type. This filter can be used with most of the known showers. It will last approximately six months before replacement. The housing is made of plastic and has a chromium finish.

7. Brom4ord AquaBrom Shower Filter

Brom4ord AquaBrom Shower Filter | Showerhead Water SoftenerThe Brom4ord shower filter is a standard one that will not ask much of your budget. And still, it will do its job well. So if you are not willing to spend a lot on fancy products, the Brom4ord filter will fit your needs. It is an inline shower filter that is installed between your shower head and the water line. Don’t worry, no tools are needed and you’ll manage for less than 5 minutes. The performance of the filter is decent. It will remove chlorine, which is the main purpose of water filters. It will also soften your water and prevent dry skin and lifeless hair. The three main filtrations of the unit use a mix of KDF-55, active carbon and calcium sulfite filters, so it also removes heavy metals. Two layers of PP cotton and a stainless steel mesh are also included. The life of the cartridge is between 6 and 8 months, depending on usage and contamination. Housing is plastic. A great feature: the product comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

8. AquaElegante High Output Luxury Shower Filter

AquaElegante High Output Luxury Shower FilterHere’s an elegant and inexpensive solution from Aqua Elegant. This shower filter is attached to almost every type of shower heads. It has standard 1/2″ connections and the box includes Teflon tape, easy to follow instructions and tight-sealing silicon O-rings. The material of the housing is a quality ABS painted in oil-rubbed bronze. In general, the product has a solid and well-made construction. You can expect a satisfying improvement of the water, softer skin and stronger hair for sure. The filter uses a KDF 55 purification media that reduces chlorine by up to 99%. It absorbs herbicides, pesticides, and impurities. It also eliminates hydrogen sulfide, lead, mercury, arsenic, and other metals through a chemical redox reaction. The lifespan of the filter is between 6 and 9 months. What is great is that you have a full refund guarantee for the first six months of usage.

9. Homspal 10-Stage Shower Water Filter

Homspal 10-Stage Shower Water FilterThe Homspal shower filter is a cost-effective solution for those who want multiple filtrations. The filter has 10 stages of filtration. Besides the almost obligatory KDF 55, calcium sulfate and activated carbon filters, this unit has also alkaline, ceramic and magnetic energy balls. They help with revitalizing minerals and energizing the water with oxygen, along with the removal and absorption of heavy metals. An advantage of this filter is also the type of carbon filter – it is a coconut activated one, better and more effective. Thanks to the filtration, your water will be purified from most unhealthy contaminants and will be softer. You’ll get rid of chlorine, heavy metals, medium and small sediments, and bad odor. Considering that one cartridge lasts around 6 months, you will be happy to know that the box comes with two of those or almost a year of healthy shower water. Easy to install and with a standard connection, this filter is effective, yet a budget choice.

Why We Need Shower Head Filters In The First Place?

best shower head filter for hard waterSince you are on our website and are reading this article, in particular, we will assume that you know a thing or two about drinking filtered water. Even if you aren’t using some top class water filters already, you are likely familiar with the key health benefits of filtered water.

What we already made clear at the beginning of our piece was that showering is really not that much different than drinking. That being said, the benefits of using a showerhead filter are quite a few and they all give you a fairly good reason to actually purchase one of those devices.

A quick peek at a number of shower filter consumer reports will show us that people notice positive changes in their health after bathing in filtered water. Of course, we do not want to make you look for all those benefits yourself and have compiled a list with explanations to make it easy. Here’s what our experts got when it comes to the main benefits of using a shower head filter for hard water.

  1. The aging process slows down

One of the greatest enemies of our young looks is the Chlorine in municipal water. While chlorine itself protects us from a bunch of diseases and viruses, chloramine which is contained in chlorine presents a few threats to us. And you can rest assured that this substance is contained in hard water.

The aging process is significantly sped up when there’s continuous exposure to chloramine. This is true for both drinking and bathing. Our skin will look older, damaged and irritated. You might not have noticed it yet, but it’s there. A shower filter will prevent this from happening. Not only that your skin will feel softer but soon it will also look better, younger.

  1. You will save money

This benefit is directly linked to the one above. Your skin will be less dry and since your scalp won’t be so irritated you should be able to save from expensive cosmetics. So since both your hair and skin will feel and look better, you will not need to get all those oils, lotions and shampoos.

In fact, it is proven that many of the best brands produce fine shower filters for hair loss. Don’t expect this device to actually reverse the whole hair loss process but it will at least slow it down. This is another good reason to invest in a filter and end up saving money on treatment.

  1. Bacteria in the shower will not make it through

Even if your old shower head isn’t rusty, you must be sure that it is rigged with bacteria and viruses. The way such heads are composed and assembled creates really convenient edges and “hiding spots” for bacteria to grow. Add to this the heat and the constant moisture.

Yes, it doesn’t sound good at all. All that gunk will fall out through the shower and pour on your body when you turn the water on. Those millions of microorganisms can easily be stopped and eradicated by a simple filter. Our recommendation is to test your water for microorganisms before and after filtration so that you can physically see the differences.

  1. Stop that chlorine!

Why would you want more chlorine to enter your body than when you drink your water? You are basically organic matter. What’s important about it is that when chlorine interacts with organic matter, some not so good byproducts occur.

When we shower, our pores also open making it even easier for those chlorine byproducts to infiltrate our body. There are numerous studies on that matter but we aren’t going to dabble in details. But here we must also mention inhalation.

See, it’s not only about how much water our skin absorbs but also how much chloroform we inhale when taking a shower. During only a 10-minute shower this amount is equal to drinking about 7-8 glasses of unfiltered chlorinated water.

This doesn’t defeat the purpose of also using a top-notch whole house water filter system. You also want to have purified drinking water, not only one in which you bathe.

  1. Reduces cancer threat

Nothing can prevent cancer at 100% but we can surely do whatever we can to reduce the possibility of getting it. We go back to the chlorine in our municipal water and all the negative effect that it has especially when heated. In a hot environment such as your bathroom, your body intakes chlorine both through your pores and your lungs.

Inhaling such doses of chlorine is a direct threat and can lead to a series of bad health issues. Furthermore, drinking chlorinated water is actually isn’t as bad as bathing in one. When we drink unfiltered water, our stomach has its ways of dealing with the contaminants. When we take chlorine through our skin, it ends up in our bloodstream really quickly.

The three organs that are typically attacked are kidneys, bladder, and rectum. By installing a shower head filter you make sure that the amounts of chloramine are significantly reduced if not abolished completely.

  1. Less risk for pregnant women

The problem here lies not only with the mother herself but with the unborn child also. Contaminants in water are especially bad for women who are pregnant and such particles need to be taken out from every water source in the house. This goes especially for shower heads.

In order to ensure the good health of both organisms, we advise you to get the best vitamin C shower filter available. We will give you more information on this type of filters in a section further down the guide. Again, chloramine is the biggest foe here.

  1. Eliminate some health risks for children

shower head filter reviewsAnother great benefit of shower filters is the fact that they allow our children to grow healthier. There’s nothing worse for a young body than exposure to all sorts of toxins and harmful substances. Most health-related issues are asthma and lung permeation. A moisturized, dam, hot environment creates the “perfect” conditions for such diseases. Juvenile asthma can be controlled well in case the proper filter for the shower is used.

Allergy attacks are also a common consequence of bathing in chloramine. The poor air quality enhances that. Also, sinus infections shouldn’t surprise you in case you do not use a showerhead filter.

  1. Enough toxin exposure already

We love technology and constant improvement. This leads to our towns being polluted and us being exposed to about 80, 000 toxic substances. But did you know that our municipal water supply typically carries about 2000 of them? Well, now you know.

Since we have more than 70, 000 toxins to worry about, how about we at least eliminate the threat of the ones contained in unfiltered water. A simple check shows us that obtaining a fine shower head filter to reduce iron in water will significantly improve your health.

Overall, you will feel fitter and in a better shape when you bathe in filtered water. What’s more is that you will feel less pain, physical fatigue, and even mental exhaustion. Our organism simply feels better after being in contact with some cleansed water.

The Most Popular Types Of Shower Head Filters

Most Popular Types Of Shower Head FiltersKnowing which exact filter to get is key because you don’t want to waste your money on a product which will not meet your requirements. In the name of making sure to satisfy your bathing and water filtration needs, we will take a look at a few popular types of shower filters. They are divided based on the type of media used inside.

  • KDF Filters

So these interesting gadgets utilize a small electrical charge to free our water from contaminants. The main components of a KDF Filter are zinc and copper. Thanks to the interaction between the two, the charge in question occurs. As you take your shower you will never feel any electricity as the power of the charge is completely negligible.

But the contaminants will feel it. Because molecules of various substances such as chlorine are split, some harmless electrolytes are formed. Now if you have some low water pressure, then the KDF filter will not be really of much use. It needs the water flow to be powerful so that the charge can be created.

Additionally, those filters will not remove any chloramine from your water. This sort of defeats the purpose of everything we mentioned in the previous section about chlorine and its negative effects on human health.

  • Carbon filters

These are among the more popular ones when it comes to any kind of water filtration. There are a number of upsides of activated carbon filters. On top of the list, this is a cheap water filtration option. Activated carbon filters do not cost a lot to either make or purchase.

Along with that, they will remove chloramine from your water. What is a big setback, however, is the fact that their functionality depends on the water temperature. A carbon filter will stop being effective after a certain temperature is reached.  More often than not, people use such filters in their kitchen or to **maintain their water filter pitchers**. Really a good option for cold water and not a hot one.

  • Vitamin C filters

That sounds like a fun thing, doesn’t it? We don’t use such filters anywhere but in our bathroom for the shower head. Those devices are exceptionally effective against chloramine and that’s their bread and butter. While other filters might remove up to 75%-80% of chloramine, here we have the whopping 99% or chloramine reduction.

Additionally, the tube inside the filter will release vitamin C to revitalize your skin and improve your health. Vitamin C also aids in the removal of some contaminants. On the other hand, the purchase price is substantial in comparison to other similar products. Changing the filter also costs more than average. Its life isn’t very long too.

The biggest drawback is that besides chlorine you shouldn’t expect anything else to be removed from your bathing water.

Pros & Cons Of Shower Head Filters

It’s not all roses when it comes to filtering water at home. When trying to locate the perfect water filtration system you will have to make a few decisions. Here we will face some of the advantages and disadvantages of shower filters.


  • Cheaper than other filtration systems – the device is not large. Since it is relatively small, it can be compared to a water filter pitcher or a good portable water filter. This drives the price down. The larger the filtration system, the larger the price.
  • Easy to install – those things are not tough to mount. They come with easy instructions and you just have to snap the product on to the shower head. You will rarely if ever, need any extra tools such as a saw, nuts and bolts, a frame or casing. Get your screwdriver ready and you are good to go.

  • Instant filtration – many other water filtration systems need some time to produce a certain amount of filtered water. In the present case, you have instantly fresh water coming out of your showerhead. There’s no tank storing water and there’s no reduction in water pressure as well. Your GPM will stay the same and you can even measure it to make sure.


  • Point-of-use only – you get clean water only through one faucet (the shower). You will need to purchase multiple filtration devices if you want to cover every faucet at your home. There are also whole house water systems to consider.
  • Not as effective as we’d want them to be – in all fairness, there’s something left to be desired when it comes to how extensive this type of filtration should be. Many contaminants will still make it through. The type of filter you choose will also determine which threats will be removed and which ones will remain in your water.
  • Replacing must happen often – since these are smaller products, they will wear out quicker than other cartridges. You will have to replace your filter regularly and more often than not, this will need to happen once a month. Not to mention that some filters such as Vitamin C are more challenging to replace.

Best Shower Head Filter Comparison Chart

AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter
3.7 x 3.7 x 5.4"14.9 ounces36 to 8 monthsNo tools needed / Can be used with all shower types
Torti Lia Multi-Stage Shower Filter For Hard Water
3.3 x 3.3 x 4.7"1.37 pounds106 monthsNo tools needed / CONSISTENT WATER PRESSURE
AquaBliss High Output 12-Stage Shower Filter
7.7 x 3.8 x 3.7"1.5 pounds126 monthsFits all types of showers / No tool
Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head
4.8 x 8.5 x 12.2"1.5 pounds56 monthsStationary design / Anti clog rubber spray nozzles
PureAction Shower Head Filter
5 x 5 x 2.5"10.6 ounces38 to 10 monthsIncludes 2 Filters Cartridges + 1 Teflon Tape
Brom4ord AquaBrom Shower Filter | Showerhead Water Softener
5.4 x 3.7 x 3.7"12.5 ounces36 to 8 monthsActive Carbon and Calcium Sulphite
AquaElegante High Output Luxury Shower Filter
3.5 x 3.5 x 5"13 ounces36 to 9 monthsTight-sealing silicon O-rings / oil-rubbed bronze housing
Homspal 10-Stage Shower Water Filter
8 x 4 x 4"1.34 pounds106 monthsExtra Cartridge / BODY REVITALIZATION
HotelSpa 7-Setting Handheld Shower
6 x 4 x 9"1.5 pounds26 to 9 months7 settings and patented On/Off pause switch
Invigorated Water pH REJUVENATE Vitamin C Shower Filter
3.2 x 2.6 x 8.5"8 ouncesMulti-filtration system4 months100% natural zeolite / Vitamin C Block lasts 1 month

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, our piece has provided some clarity over the matter of getting the best shower head filter for hard water on the market today. We believe to have shed some light over the benefits and the advantages of using such a product. Our crew is always for you compiling shower head filter reviews and giving you tips regarding your purchase.

Leave us a comment and let us know whether you found our guide useful. Our recommendation and feedback are vital to what we do so if we’ve missed anything, please let us know. Don’t forget to see some of our other guides on water filtration as well. Thanks for reading and as always – stay put!

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