Aquasana 3-Stage Review


If you are more demanding about the quality and contents of your water, but still don’t want to go for a reverse osmosis system, this product might satisfy your needs.  The Aquasana Under Sink Water Filter System is a 3-stage, NSF certified system, efficient against a broad range of contaminants, including heavy metals.


Unlike some of the other under-sink water filtering systems, it can be used both with municipal and well water. Moreover, it is economical as it doesn’t waste water like the reverse osmosis systems. So if you are deciding between these two devices, this can be perceived as an advantage to some of you.

Something really cool – this system will alarm you when it’s time to change the filter.


Aquasana 3-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System with Brushed Nickel FaucetAs mentioned, the Aquasana unit is above the level of the basic under sink filters as it is a 3-stage system. What it means is that if you are looking for a device that can manage something more than chlorine and odor, you can rely on this one.

The 3 stages of this product include 3 very efficient filters, that will remove 99,9% of the most harmful toxins in your water.  This includes also lead, mercury, pesticides, pharmaceuticals. At the same time, it won’t add anything to your water so you’ll mostly have a pure taste with no contaminants to threaten your health.

A quick peek into the phases: stage one is a pre-filter stage that uses a 20-micron filter. This one restricts rust, sediment, and silt thus making the work of the 3rd filter easier. It also prevents clogging.

In the second stage, you have an activated carbon filter. Activated carbon filters are considered more effective and healthy when it comes to the substance of water. At this stage, organic chemicals, herbicides, pesticides are diminished. The filter here also improves the taste of your water.

The 3rd stage is the catalytic carbon filter that uses ion-exchange to reduce the heavy metals. It is a submicron mechanical filtration that also reduces the byproducts of water disinfection. As you can see, if you are not really fanatical about the composition of your water, this product can do you a great job at a fair price.

The capacity of this system is 600 gallons or about 6 months. However, if your usage rate and water contamination are lower the filter can last longer. Even up to 14 months.

The flow rate of the device is 0.5 gallons per minute. That is a little bit low for some people, though, but not a great minus considering the other characteristics. Buying a pump to enhance the flow rate is also an option.


The kit you’ll receive includes the first set of filters needed plus the parts for a DIY installation. Along with the 3 filter cartridges, you get screws with anchors, 3×1/4″ poly tubing, faucet rubber washer, spacer and nut, plastic collars and tubes inserts, a chrome nut.

You will also be provided with a very stylish faucet. You can choose between chrome, bronze or nickel – whichever matches your kitchen.

Installation and maintenance

The installation is fairly easy. If you are handy, it shouldn’t take you long. The manufacturer provides you with an installation manual and there are explanatory videos online for your convenience too. In any case, just to secure yourself, check the dimensions of the set, the under-sink space, and your plumbing.

The maintenance here is made super simple. First of all, it will alarm you when it’s time to change the filters. The battery for the indicator comes with the set. And second – you won’t need to disconnect hoses or water lines. Just with a twist-off and you’re done changing your filters. Plus the replacing filters are not expensive.


  • Good price, satisfying performance
  • Covers basic high standards
  • Easy to install and moreover – to maintain



  • The O-rings are not sold separately if you have problems with that

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