Aqua Filter Plus Review

Now the basic pack here isn’t going to do you any good. Yes, you can opt to purchase a separate cartridge with fittings but the effectiveness will just not be the same. Additionally, you are unlikely to save any money by doing so. All of these points that the right thing to buy here is the unit + cartridge and fittings. It won’t even set you back 3 digits.

Here’s What Comes With It

The set is actually a good one especially if you opt for the full package. What you get is the actual 10-inch filter and a housing wrench which will make filter replacing an easy task. Additionally, there’s the complete mounting kit. The carbon filter which is included can remove PFCs from your water and that’s a good advantage.

When it comes to tightening up the set, this is also not a tough challenge. There are “push-fit” fittings meaning that they will simply snap together. You are not required to screw the unit together. No soldering will be required on your part and that’s’ a relief.

The Use

Aqua Filter Plus Whole House Water FilterThe small size of the unit along with its lightweight makes it perfect for some alternative use. Yes, that’s a whole house filtration system but you can also use it on your boat or with an RV. Since the inlets are universal and easy to snap, you can have the filter connected to your boat or RV water supply. Portability is often an issue even with these very good whole house water filters but not in this case.

Next, you can connect a few units in a sequence and take advantage of various filters. Other products in the same class also have this property and it is a key factor indeed. Having your water pass through numerous filters that get rid of a number of pollutants is very important.

Once you wish to change the filter, you just use the Pressure Relief Button. What it will do is loosen the unit and reduce the pressure that has built up. Thus nothing will break off even though the body is plastic. The whole sump is made out of polypropylene making it lightweight but very hard. It is also resistant to chemicals and is completely BPA free.

What To Keep An Eye Out For

Warmth isn’t your friend. Even though the plastic is of the highest order, it is still vulnerable when it comes to high temperatures. Using the filter in some southern states might not yield the same long-term results as somewhere else.

The manufacturer specifies that this whole house water filter should not be used at 100 degrees or more. This goes both for the water and the air temperature. Even though a number of water filter customer reports say that the unit can hold its own even in a nasty heat, you shouldn’t really test it.

We mentioned that installation shouldn’t give you a hard time but if you are a complete newbie that might not be the case. The instructions are unclear and are overall written badly. Some users might opt for professional help when it comes to installation but this will significantly raise the initial investment in the Aqua Filter Plus Whole House Water Filter System.


  • The set is rich – it really has it all especially if you opt for the full package and not the base deal.
  • Fittings are easy to work with – no twisting and tightening, just snapping stuff on.
  • Portable – excellent option for a temporary or mobile home.


  • Not durable in heat – the body will deteriorate if exposed to temperatures higher than 100 degrees.
  • Instructions are not easy to follow – they might not be present at all in some sets.


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