Watts WH-LD Premier Review

Here is an interesting set of whole house filters which will bring you good versatility and plenty of conveniences. The popular option here is to go for the 3-pack and not the 1-pack. Even though there is a substantial price difference, it is pretty much worth it.

Having 3 Of Those Can Have a Great Effect

Similar to other products, this one can also have 3 cartridges strung together for maximum effect. What is best done with the Watts WH-LD Premier Whole House Filter is to have a 50 micron one to come first. Then you put a 20-micron one followed by the very fine 5-micron filter.

Adding the 4th filter is optional but it would really be the cherry on top of the sundae. What is best used there is a carbon filter which helps in a number of ways. Its best property is that it removes the smell of rotten eggs from mineralized water.

Installing The System

Watts WH-LD Premier Whole House Water Filtration SystemA slight drawback of the unit is the leakage problems and dealing with them. However, it has been proven that if a licensed plumber installs it, then leaks are significantly reduced. So in short, you are better off getting someone to install the filter for you. To add insult to injury, the set doesn’t come with the mounting bracket and the O-ring.

There are some good things that come with the product, though. The cartridge that you buy straight away comes with a standard 50-micron filter by default. It also has a wrench and a ball valve. Another positive thing is the presence of the built-in bypass valve. Thanks to that, you get to change your filters easily and without any hassle.

Additional Things to Consider

Make sure you put it after the water softener (in case you have one). You never want to have any sediment in the water tank. You want to have perfectly filtered water waiting to only be softened. The life of each filter is about 15 000 gallons. It might be alright for a full year.

The ports on the unit are standard ¾ inlets. You won’t need to buy any special connectors for your pipes. Additionally, the water pressure will be bearable and will likely not damage the cartridge. Speaking of water pressure, bear in mind that the more you use the filter, the lower the water pressure will get.

There’s no way around that – you will need to simply change the filter once you notice that the water barely runs through the faucet.


  • Comes with a filter by default – yes, it is a 50-micron one but you definitely need one of these
  • You can string a few cartridges together – maximum effectiveness is achieved by combining a few of these together.
  • Built-in bypass valve – you can have the water run around the filter and not through it whenever you wish. Change the cartridge easily
  • Long life – 15 000 gallons


  • Getting just one unit won’t do it – filtration by just one Watts filter will not be sufficient for your full house needs.
  • Doesn’t feature a water softener – you will need to buy one separately
  • Pressure will decrease significantly over time – fix it by changing the filter
  • Might leak if not installed properly
  • It doesn’t include a mounting bracket – you will need to make a hardware store run.


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